Finished ?! …

Soooo, here I am ……

Back @ home; still lost ….

My key fits the lock of the house, no. 287; Mr.Off-White is parked @ the office further up the road, but I do not fit in the slot I left behind…

After my last month of OzzieRest&HardWork, I must now face the fact that I’m back ….

But back where ? What is home ?

Friends pouring over me, it is the best ever, I’m blessed & very happy…

LoveRules, and it is everywhere, supermarketcheckout included.

I might have to acknowledge the feeling of not needing all of this stuff, just give me the love and I’ll thrive.

Soooo, here I am ….

@ 287 , back where I started.

The empty shell of a past, once bustling with wife, kidgirls running wild and doggo, now weeds are taking over ….

Soooo, here I am …

287 survived it’s tenants, and is embracing it’s FoundingFather like a warm bath. Hugging and sheltering me from atrocious DutchWeather.

Yesss, I’m @ Home, but lost nontheless.

Chores fighting for priority, but me first.

Soooo, here I am….

Come and share with me !!!

I have a roof over my troubled head @ 287, come share and take a shot at sorting me out !!!

Soooo, here I am … and there you are !!!!

My heroes, my loves, that even like the pics I post ….

Soooo, ….. pics ….

Sooo, yes, I’ve been slack, MeaCulpa…. Sorry.

My TwoYearOdyssey has officially ended, so I thought I’d give it a rest….

Not so, maybe I’ve missed it more than you, but decision for now is the journey continues… and will need illustrations…




Come and share !!

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